What It Takes to Be a Good Companion for Your Aging Parents


Every person will eventually grow old. Along with this growth comes changes in the different aspects of the person’s life. Physical and mental changes may push families to engage with a Homecare in Boston, Massachusetts for the comfort, convenience, health, and safety of aging members.

Most senior individuals, if not all, desire companionship. Having someone available to assist them with daily tasks or just someone to talk to is good for their overall wellness. To be a good senior companion for your parents, you have to keep different things in mind. Some of these things are as follows:

  • Communication

    Communication is definitely an important factor in providing companionship. With the changes happening in your parents’ lives, communication can become difficult. You have to think of strategies to better communicate with your loved ones, especially when it comes to dealing with health and personal matters.

    When speaking with your parents, use a clear and well-modulated voice. As much as possible, keep their attention on you. If necessary, use hand gestures and other visual aids to help them make communication better.

  • Awareness of their needs

    You need to be aware of their needs. At times, they may not tell you what their needs are whether due to communication difficulties or their denial on their current situation.

    It will be best to anticipate their needs. But, do so without hampering their sense of independence. For instance, if they are scheduled to attend a medical appointment on a given day, make sure that non-medical transportation in Metrowest is available to get them to and from their destination.

  • Empathy

    Aging is a process that everyone goes through. That is why it is essential to empathize with your parents. Through empathy, you will be more attuned to what their needs are. You learn to understand them, their unique situations, and their behaviors better.

  • Patience

    There are certain situations in dealing with seniors that will test your patience. These include their refusal to take a bath, eating foods that they are prohibited from eating, and waiting for them to finish a certain chore, among others. You need to be patient in these situations.

  • Physical fitness

    You have to be physically capable to assist your parents with their chores. There are many things that they need to get done. Remember, they may not have the strength to complete them so they will most likely rely on you.

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