Medical Appointments: Transporting Your Loved Ones With Mobility Issues


As time passes on, your senior loved ones will experience a lot of changes in their everyday life, especially in terms of their physical mobility. Over time, they may encounter mobility issues that might affect the way they go to their medical appointments.

When this happens, they will have to rely on you and other members of the family for help with medical transportation in Central Massachusetts. Use the following pointers when providing the necessary assistance.

Be their driver.

When you have a valid driver’s license and your own car, the first option you can think of is definitely driving them to their appointments yourself. Traveling this way also offers the most comfort to your loved ones in terms of companionship.

The vehicle you will be using should be checked thoroughly, with enough fuel on the gas tank. Make sure that you are available on the dates when the appointments are scheduled. You might want to call the clinic first to verify such schedules. Be early or on time so your loved ones will not have to wait longer at the facility just to get their checkups done.

Since your loved ones are having mobility issues, you also have to prepare the clothes they will wear and assist them in putting them on. Prepare the things they have to bring, such as the list of their medications and more.

Book the right transportation service.

If the previous option is not available or if you cannot address the transportation needs of your loved ones, consider non-emergency transportation in Boston, Massachusetts. This is most especially true if your loved ones are in a wheelchair which will definitely need a special kind of vehicle.

When choosing a transportation service, it is always best to get recommendations from those you trust. Gather the details of reputable transportation companies that understand and will surely meet the specific requirements of your loved ones’ transportation necessities.

The advantage of using a reputable medical transportation company like Focal Points HealthCare, LLC is the convenience of all parties involved. Our vehicles are specially designed for those with mobility needs, whatever they may be. Our drivers are licensed and experienced in transporting seniors to their destinations, even assisting them in loading and unloading to and from vehicles.

We do not only handle transportation requests from our clients. We are also a provider of healthcare staffing in Metrowest, Massachusetts. We understand the need for reliable staff for your facilities. Our staffing specialists will find the employees that suit your open positions.

Give us a call today so we can accommodate your request immediately.

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