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3 Advantages Of Travelling with an NEMT Service

The best things in life are food, love, and comfort and when it comes to comfort, your senior loved ones or family member with a disability should also be entitled to enjoying the perks of traveling with great comfort and convenience. One way of giving them that is by choosing a transportation service like Focal … Continue reading

Medical Appointments: Transporting Your Loved Ones With Mobility Issues

As time passes on, your senior loved ones will experience a lot of changes in their everyday life, especially in terms of their physical mobility. Over time, they may encounter mobility issues that might affect the way they go to their medical appointments. When this happens, they will have to rely on you and other … Continue reading

5 Tips: What to Remember When You Exercise Amidst a Disability

Should you still exercise despite your disability? There’s no other answer to that but YES. As what Scott Hamilton said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Every person’s health need is unique, and so are yours, depending on your particular mobility issue. With this in mind, you can find the right routine … Continue reading