3 Advantages Of Travelling with an NEMT Service


The best things in life are food, love, and comfort and when it comes to comfort, your senior loved ones or family member with a disability should also be entitled to enjoying the perks of traveling with great comfort and convenience. One way of giving them that is by choosing a transportation service like Focal Points HealthCare, LLC that simply delivers those two things.

We provide NEMT or non-emergency transportation in Boston, Massachusetts to help families and their loved ones travel in comfort and safety, so they can get to their needed appointments safely and on time.

Below are 3 traveling advantages and why patrons can benefit from our medical transportation in Central Massachusetts:

  1. Mobility-Aid-Friendly Transportation
    We understand that some of the clients get around with the use of a mobility aid, and to give them a comfortable mode of transportation, we also have vehicles that are wheelchair-friendly, modified to accommodate a fully usable wheelchair without the need to keep it in the trunk. The client simply stays on the wheelchair as it is locked into place to keep them safe while traveling.
  2. A Team Who Assists You
    The moment you book us for our NEMT services is the very moment our teams start to work together to give you a comfortable service and experience. If you or your loved one would need further assistance with or without any mobility aid, our driver can assist you to get onboard conveniently, so you can be on your way to your appointment.
  3. Worry-Free Service
    Before we start on any trip, we also check on our vehicles to ensure client safety in all our travels. When we reach your pick-up destination and get on with the trip, you no longer have to worry about parking meters and parking spaces when you get to your drop-off point since we will be taking care of that for you.

Whether you book us for a medical appointment or for leisure, we will consistently provide you with the same comfort and safety in our service.

Book with us for your next appointment and experience the traveling comfort Focal Points HealthCare, LLC brings.

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